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God's Global Barnyard - 2019

God's Global Barnyard - 2019

We are able to help save the world!

global barnyard pic6You likely recall last November when we offered a display of Barnyard Ornaments in the Fellowship Hall as part of our funding campaign for ELCA Good Gifts -- in particular God's Global Barnyard as we have done in previous years.  Many in our Zion family selected ornaments and purchased them through cash donations.  These donations were then collected and sent to ELCA where they are being  allocated to support communities and families in need in underdeveloped countries throughout the world.  

We are thankful for everyone who participated, and we are excited and grateful to announce that your generous hearts have donated a total of $700.00 during the funding drive. 

This represents a total of all the barnyard ornaments that were purchased through donations.  They included the following:

Honeybees - Zion Lutheran Church, Glen Rock, PAHoneybees (9 sets)
Help sustain honeybee colonies throughout the world and provide beeswax and honey that can be sold at market, honey to nourish the family, and bees to pollinate plants and thus help crop growth.

chicks GBB picChicks (8 sets)
Chicks quickly grow into full size chickens which will produce eggs and perhaps new chicks. This not only provides protein-rich food sources for the family but also offers a means to sustain a small business selling the products.

piglets GBB picPiglets (3)
Waste from the piglets offers a source of fertilizer to help crops grow. Once the pigs have matured, they can not only produce more piglets to sustain the farm or they may be sold at market to supplement the family's income.

goats GBB picGoats (4)
Communities in rough terrain areas of the world rely on goats which can survive where cows cannot. Goats produce milk to nourish the family; and, since they tend to reproduce quite quickly, they can also be sold at market or offer enough milk to sustain a small business.

roosters GBB picRoosters (2)
On a farm that relies on hens to produce chicks to grow the flock and/or for sale, a rooster is necessary.  More chickens in the flock produce more eggs to feed the family and to sell at market.

fruit tree seedlings GBB picFruit Tree Seedlings (12)
Since many of the underdeveloped communities we serve are located in challenging climates, special varieties of low-maintenance fruit trees are known to thrive and produce fruit to nourish the families. They live for generations and have root systems that protect the soil from erosion in these harsh environments. 

We can only imagine the joy that will be felt by those who will benefit from these wonderful gifts!

Bless you, one and all,

Christian Education Committee


Tuesday, 28 January 2020 18:10
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